Cypher Project

Welcome to the documentation for Cypher, a free NodeJS CMS web application for small commerce and content. Built on top of freedom technology including Bitcoin, Lightning, and Nostr with long-term goals:
  • No Monthly Costs
  • Local First
  • Non/custodial
  • Self Hosted

Quick Start

To help you get started, there are 3 guides based on your technology comfort level. Feel free to join our Telegram or Discord if you have any questions.

Normie Guide

This guide is designed for users who are new to NodeJS and Bitcoin technologies. It offers a simple, straightforward approach to setting up Cypher, focusing on the basics to get your CMS up and running with minimal technical jargon. Step-by-step instructions will help you through the installation process, basic configuration, and how to start adding content to your site.

Pleb Guide

The Pleb Guide is for those who have some experience with NodeJS or similar technologies but are new to Bitcoin and its associated technologies. This guide will delve a bit deeper into the specifics of configuring and optimizing Cypher to leverage Bitcoin and Lightning features. It includes intermediate steps for enhancing your CMS's capabilities.

Maxi Guide

Tailored for experienced users comfortable with NodeJS, Bitcoin, and advanced server management, the Maxi Guide provides comprehensive details on fully utilizing all the features of Cypher. This guide covers advanced configuration options, security enhancements, and integration techniques for creating a robust, efficient, and secure CMS platform.